Job: Community Volunteer

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Title Community Volunteer
Location Grahamstown
Job Information

Volunteer Skills and Qualifications
Volunteers need to be empathetic, great communicators, and comfortable working as part of a team towards shared goals and targets. There is no formal requirement to become a volunteer, but the following skills are beneficial:

Teamwork – volunteers should work well as part of a team and value diversity, as they will often be working with people of all different backgrounds and ages
Communication skills – volunteers should have strong communication skills and be able to follow instructions clearly and efficiently
Confidentiality – volunteers are often involved in working with confidential matters or sensitive subjects, so their ability to withhold this information is vital
Organization skills – in order to manage different tasks, volunteers need to be organized and able to manage their time effectively
Work ethic – volunteers must be able to work on various projects and sometimes in adverse conditions to achieve a goal or target, so it’s important that applicants for this position have an excellent work ethic

Volunteer Education and Training
There is no formal requirement to become a volunteer and different organizations will have their own specific requirements for what skills applicants should have. It is beneficial to have skills or previous experience related to the field the position is in.

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