What should I do if I am interested in your trainings and would want to know more?

Kindly contact us via our email info@umthathi.co.za and whats app or call us on 083 746 2073 during working hours, we will give you full information. Usually Umthathi uses a certain criterion before they arrange for the training workshop.

What qualifications does one require to join your trainings?

There is no discrimination as far as our trainings are concerned. We do not consider any qualification because our aim is to develop community members with skills so that they can be empowered. Since some of the things we train are easy to copy, it does not require someone to be more educated.

What about people far away from Eastern Cape who would want to be trained by you, how do they do it?

Umthathi normally trains less privileged communities within a radius of 200km from Grahamstown. But for other areas out of the province, arrangements can be made. Kindly contact us via email or phone us info@umthathi.co.za and whats app or call us on 083 746 2073

What do we do if we are a group and would want to be registered as a Co-operative and be linked with relevant stakeholders through you Umthathi?

As Umthathi, we equip you first with our trainings and ensure that you get all the necessary information needed to be known before one is registered as a Co-operative. We also consider if the group members are also passionate of having a community garden and if they are all willing to work together as a group. We do not train people after the request, but we also look at our diary and see when we can put those who are interested in our trainings. So sometimes we can put you on waiting list.

Do you donate or give away seedlings?

Umthathi is a non-profit organisation. We do survive with funding from donors and we are always open for donations. We usually keep seedlings for our trainings and we ensure that we donate them or give them away to our beneficiaries.

Do you employ me soon after attending your trainings with job?

Please be advised that once you get our trainings there is no guarantee that we will give you job. However, you will get a certificate of attendance. Others where using the certificates to add on their qualifications

Where do you normally post job vacancies?

On all our social platforms, Facebook, and other NGO social media.


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