Case Studies

Fikizolo primary school

Fikizolo Primary School in Makhanda Receives Two Awards In 2019 After Obtaining Skills from Umthathi Training Project Trust. Makhanda, commonly known as Grahamstown, is a town of about 70 000 people in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It is situated about 119 kilometres northeast of Port Elizabeth and 130 kilometres southwest of East London. Mr Mzukisi Mpahlwa is the executive Mayor under Makana Municipality. There are 34 Primary Schools in Makhanda.Umthathi Training Project Trust had an opportunity to train learners at Fikizolo Primary School in 2019. The learners participated in the skills development project, Health Living Program, which is part of the Umthathi Training Project Trust. Learners were trained on hygiene: the importance of washing hands often, keeping the school clean (including the parking area and playgrounds). A hand washing kit for learners was installed outside the classroom after Healthy and Living Training Program from Umthathi. The school was announced as the winner in the Eastern Cape Province under the school nutrition programme competition that was held in April 2019. They also won 2nd place at the national level in the gardening competition. Fikizolo Primary School is still benefitting from their school garden, removing the need and cost of buying vegetables from the market for the school nutrition program. Some learners even started small backyard gardens in their households using the skills from the project. As Umthathi Training Project Trust, we feel humbled to have made a difference in the school. The above pictures above are of Indigenous natural herbs and ointments made from herbs. The learners, together with the teachers from Fikizolo Primary School, were empowered with the knowledge of the importance of using indigenous herbs and home medicinal remedies (e.g. saving on medical costs, environmental and sustainability advantages etc.). Umthathi Training Project Trust taught teachers and learners how to make ointment using natural herbs. The ointment treats many skin allergies such as Eczema, ringworms, itchiness of the skin, rashes etc. The school has since planted these herbs and are generating much-needed income from selling the ointment to the community.


The pictures below show a co-operative that was trained by Umthathi in 2017 and they are still doing very well up to date. Umthathi connected this co-operative to different stakeholders and they are so grateful about the networking because the opportunity opened so many doors for them and they were able to get assistance. As they are still able to get assistance on their projects. They have thriving gardens and they have been selling their produce thereby generating income for themselves. Besides the skill they got from Umthathi, they have ventured into other things like poultry, brick making. To add more, one of the co-op member opened a restaurant recently. We are glad that we have managed to change people’s lives through our skills development project.

Liefeldt co-operative

The picture below shows Liefeldt co-operative members in their garden. This co-operative was trained by Umthathi and they were linked to different stakeholders. They were privileged to get additional trainings from Umbofu Training on how to make tomato sauce using tomatoes from their gardens. They are now generating money through selling vegetables and tomato sauce. School leaners in the same neighbourhood were also trained by Umthathi and they have thriving gardens. They also took the skills home to their parents.

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