Hello. Our organisation has been present for over 20 years. We make the best for all our communities


Our vision is to increase the quality of life through further developing the knowledge, skills, activities and networks necessary for healthy living within focus area in the Eastern Cape.

Umthathi is the isiXhosa word for Sneeze wood, traditionally symbolizing strength and renewal of life. These ideals underpin our organisational vision and mission. Umthathi Training Project is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1992 in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape province. Our training involves food and healthy security and brings an element of self-sustainable income generation to our beneficiaries by use of these skills and contributes to the preservation of indigenous plant life through knowledge of biodiversity and climate change


Our mission is to promote better quality of life sustainable healthy living and advocacy through integrated capacity building programmes in organic food production, nutrition and health, money management and the cultivation and conservation of indigenous plants.

The mission is based on the following principles: – Pro-poor, pro-women, pro-youth, adult, quality education, methodology, respect, and dignity for all.


-To ensure food security by training vulnerable people to establish sustainable food gardens.
-To enable livelihood security by promoting responsible money management.
-To champion sustainable use of the natural resources.
-To facilitate the building and maintaining of relationships and partnership to promote quality life or healthy living or advocacy.
-To enhance sustainable living by providing appropriate education and training.
-To facilitate livelihood security through the promotion of diverse livelihood strategies.
-To provide an understanding of climate change and natural disasters and teach adaptation measures.

Governance & Accountability

There are six board Members representing various sectors of the Grahamstown community and a range of interest groups with whom the organisation interacts with. The Board members meet once quarterly. The director is responsible to ensure that regular financial and activity reporting to donors and various legislative bodies takes place.Umthathi has Financial and Administrative systems in place overseen by the Board Members with annual externally audited financial records. Donors and partners receive comprehensive progress reports and financial reports, on all our work every six months.


People trained


Champions trained yearly


Gardens Monitored yearly


Co-operatives established


Service delivery networks established


1. Lindani Goduka (Lenge)

2. Koki Bomali (Mfiki)

3. Vuyokazi Daniso (Mamata)

4. Asanda Ralo (Reebek)

5. Zongezile Mpalala (Qeto)

1. Andiswa Sinawe (Ext.10)

2. Meita Dyantjie(Prudhoe)

3. Breggie Mko(Madakeni)

3. Breggie Mko(Madakeni)

4. Vuyelwa Mangqunge(Liefeldt)

5. Asanda Mtana

1. Bonelwa Tsana (Broughton Farm)

2. Busisiwe Mbangi(Bulembu)

2. Busisiwe Mbangi(Bulembu)

3. Ntombikayise Zatu(Farmer field)

4. Qiqa Zenani(Ndevana)

5. Thembela Moyikwa(Ext.10)

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